CCSA has a constant need for skiers of an intermediate level or above. Volunteers are thoroughly trained by CCSA staff to teach those with disabilities to ski using adaptive equipment and special techniques. Dry land training is December 15th, followed by on-hill ski training in mid-December, and weekly sessions through the middle of February.

We are looking for dedicated, caring individuals who will make time in their busy lives to share their love of skiing with others who need specialized instruction. Not only will this position challenge and spark your creativity, but you will reap tremendous benefits when you share the thrill of small victories with your student. A grin stretching from ear to ear, a boisterous snow fight or a quiet moment shared over steaming chocolate, all are priceless rewards.

Ski Volunteers

  • Must be at least an intermediate skier, able to ski the quad at Cannonsburg Ski Area in a controlled manner.
  • Must be able to lift and carry at least 50 pounds. (Applicable to certain disciplines only).
  • Must have all necessary paperwork completed and turned in.
  • Must complete the required training unless you are a current PSIA Certified Adaptive Ski Instructor. Please check out the training schedule for more details.

Non-Ski Volunteers

  • Non-skiing volunteers are also needed to assist with weekly registration, Special Events, bookkeeping, equipment management and student assistance.


  • CCSA is a great place to meet new friends who share a love for life long physical activity.
  • Provides volunteers with the opportunity to enhance their quality of life by sharing their knowledge and passion for life long physical activities with others.
  • All volunteers receive a one-day lift pass to Cannonsburg Ski Area on the day they are volunteering.
  • Volunteers are able to use Cannonsburg Ski Area's Equipment during CCSA training.


CCSA volunteers provide support, guidance and on-hill expertise. But we also rely on the generous monetary donations of others to help fund the technology and equipment that make this unique program possible. We invite you to open your heart and become a part of this exciting and valuable program. We are also proud to team up with Heart of West Michigan United Way. Please remember us with your next United Way pledging opportunity!

We wish to thank all our donors, volunteers and sponsors who make CCSA possible. With your generous support we are able to provide a very important service to individuals with disabilities. With your continued donations we can look forward to a future full of new adventures and challenges that will bring us closer to our goal of furthering equality and independence for these individuals.


Suggested Sites for Instructors to Research Disabilities