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Skier Information

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Tuesday 6-8p Wednesday 6-8p Thursday 6-8p
Sunday 1-3 Sunday 2-4 Sunday 3-5
If there is a volunteer instructor with whom you wish to ski, please note name here:
Will you need rental skis? (Please do not check if you will be using a sit ski (mono or bi)

Skier Disability

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Is skier a HEPATITIS B or C carrier?
Does skier have Down'S Syndrome?
If skier has Down's Syndrome, verification of atlantoaxial dislocation is needed. A doctor's signature is required.
Special diet? If so explain:
Does skier need assistance with
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Does the skier have any particular behaviors that staff should be aware of? If so, please describe.

Sit-Down Skiers

Will rolling sideways onto the shoulders cause pain or injury to the back or shoulders, or cause dizziness?
Can the skier push the wheelchair independently?
Within the past six months, has there been any injury to, or surgery on, the back, spinal cord, or hips?
Does the skier wear a back brace?
If yes, describe brace:
Do you have Harrington Rods?
If so, then please specify the length of time you've had them:

As a student or parent would you be interested in working on a committee.

2018 Rates

Click on the price below to pay via Paypal or by Credit Card
6 Year Old Fee    7+ Year Old Fee
Weekday Series 40    155
Weekday Series with Rentals 90    225
Weekend Series 40    225
Weekend Series with Rentals 90    295
We only ski students six and above. Payment is required prior to the first lesson. You may pay by US Mail, online, or at the first lesson. We also have limited Scholarship Opportunities available. Please fill out a Scholarship Application if needed.